ARTS Events

Please note event dates and times are subject to change – check website for updates:


FIELD by Dominic Wilcox

Wilcox invites the Northamptonshire public to donate their footwear and create an ever-evolving field of boots and shoes, shooting green laces skyward.  FIELD will tour to several venues and locations across the county throughout August to October and will be on exhibition at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery from Saturday 29th September.

FOOT STEPS by Stan’s Cafe

Colourful footsteps across Wellingborough town centre encourage you to discover the hidden stories of the streets with this interactive work from Birmingham based theatre company, Stans Cafe. 

Further dates on when you can see this artwork will be announced via the homepage.

PRINTED by Steve Messam

Giant shoe prints striding 2km across the Northamptonshire countryside, a walk marked by crop cutting and digging the land to spectacular effect.


Soundwork by Robert Jarvis

Robert’s new sound-work which splices recordings from the factory floor with archive interviews and original compositions, forming loops and patterns will resonate from several shop windows across the county. 

Further details will be announced on the home page.

BROGUED by Steve Messam

Steve plans to ‘virtually suspend’ a 3D augmented reality artwork reflecting local brogue designs above streets IN the Boot & Shoe conservation area in Northampton.  The public will need to use the free app Layar to see this work.  Further details to be announced via the home page.

FOOTFALL by Cabinet of Curiosity

Caroline Collinge and Edmond Salter have created a suspended sculpture of paper brogues. Utilising old maps and historical documents the pair retell the globe-trotting story of the Oxford shoe from its birth in the Highlands and Ireland to full scale production in Industrial Age Northamptonshire to mass manufacture in the East.

The installation will be on display in Northampton Museum and Art Gallery’s new Shoe Lounge from October 1st, with prototype paper shoes on exhibition in smaller heritage venues around the county.

SOLD by Jo Cope

Conceptual fashion designer Jo Cope creates a boundary pushing shoe and boot aesthetic, which captures the essence and repetitive nature of duplicate pattern pieces and processes used by her grandmother as a shoe heeler most of her life.  ‘The physical impression of a footprint in a landscape is the evidence of someone’s past presence’, this boot is made up of layer upon layer of soling leather in which the foot is imbedded, symbolising the hearts and souls of those who devoted their lives to the trade and who have left a lasting impression on Northamptonshire’s rich boot and shoe history.’

SOLD, with accompanying short film, will be exhibited in the new Shoe Lounge at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery from 17th September to 14th October.

STITCH by Jo Fairfax

This new work will bind together the villages of Earls Barton and Wollaston with a 3 miles long laser beam. Fairfax’s path of light skims across the beautiful Nene valley, pinpointing two prestigious shoe-making factories Griggs / Dr Martens and Barker Shoes.  Provisional date for the installation is the 5th – 7th October.

NO PLACE LIKE HOME by Dominic Wilcox

In this exhibition Wilcox presents a pair of shoes that will guide you home wherever you are in the world. Wilcox’s magical shoes combine the very latest technology with the traditional skills of Northampton based shoemaker Nicholas Cooper of Stamp Shoes.

After its launch at London Design Week, NO PLACE LIKE HOME will be on display in Northampton Museum and Art Gallery’s Shoe Lounge from the 16th October to the 18th November.



The culmination of the Global Footprint project, a two night public audio/visual outdoor extravaganza delivered by Watch This Space.  Further details to be announced.


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