Our friends or relatives, the work we do, the buildings we live amongst and the name of our street might all have been touched by the world famous Northamptonshire boot and shoe industry. We want to capture and celebrate this aspect of the county’s heritage that is still very much a thriving industry and global brand.

If you have a story, photo or artefact connected with the shoe industry that you wish to share then please contact GLOBAL FOOTPRINT heritage project manager Jim Grevatte jimgrevatte@btinternet.com 07960080304 or attend one of the local community heritage events being organised at Wollaston, Earls Barton and Rushden (check website and local listings for further information). Our next event will be to bring Dominic Wilcox’s Field to Wollaston Museum on Saturday 6th October 2.30 -4.30 then we’ll be at the Earls Barton Feast on the Sunday 7th.

Local museum volunteers will be working with Jim and filmmaker Alex Wright to record short interviews which will help bring the objects and photographs in their collections to life for visitors and locals alike. They will be posted on this site and screened at events in the coming months.



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