Cabinet of Curiosity – Caroline Collinge & Edmond Salter

Caroline Collinge and Edmond Salter are a design and visual art duo who have worked in costume design, film, installation, performance and architecture. 

Cabinet of Curiosity used a variety of paper craft techniques on an architectural scale, to draw on the exotic design of band stands and explore connections between the development of the railway industry born in the North East of England and the parallel development of Victorian era brass bands  /


Jo Cope

Conceptual fashion designer Jo Cope is almost as preoccupied with the physical phenomenon of creation as she is with the aesthetic of her finished piece. As a result her work is infused by the weight of research she undertakes, to spectacular effect.


Jo Fairfax

Jo Fairfax is an alchemic force, mixing science, art, architecture and design to jaw dropping effect. 

As part of the recent CARGOES project Jo has created several pieces of crockery that relate to the BBC World Service laser installation Light Calling completed earlier this year at Borough Hill, Daventry / 


Robert Jarvis

Robert Jarvis is a musician, composer and sound artist who creates installations that fuse digital advances with commonplace sounds.

Robert has recently returned from the Netherlands where he installed Echolocation at the Interference Festival.  Echolocation is a real time musical composition that is created through bsounds drawn from the natural environment, in this case the resident bat population.

Stan’s Cafe

Stan’s Cafe recently delivered OLYMPIC STEPS in their hometown of Birmingham, mimicking the hand and footprints from momentous athletic achievements in public places, and more recently GOLDEN STEPSto celebrate the Olympics in London 2012.  GOLDEN STEPS celebrates twelve gold medal winning Olympic performances across a range of disciplines, eras and nationalities. Painted on Eversholt Street, Phoenix Road and Brill Place the series are intended to engage local residents and visitors making the journey between Euston Station and St. Pancras Station from where the Javalin train travels to the Olympic Park

Steve Messam

Steve lives in Cumbria and creates ambitious, large-scale interventions within the landscape. Steve’s work is impressive not only for the size but also for its visual simplicity, realised through the artists’ attention to detail and some creative computation. 

In parallel to the British Open (Golf), Steve delivered his new commission Fairhaven Bubbles, a spectacular temporary installation on Fairhaven Lake in Lytham St Annes in partnership with Lancashire County Council and Flyde Borough Council


Dominic Wilcox

Artist and designer Dominic Wilcox is known for his innovative and surprising work that takes an alternative perspective on everyday objects.

Dominic has just completed his latest work Sounds of Making in East London which included the sounds of shoe-maker Terry de Haviland and his record was recently aired on Radio 4

Watch This Space

Part light spectacular, part education, Watch This Space delight audiences across the UK with their dynamic and atmospheric take on local histories.

Sister company Metro-Boulot-Dodo is currently delivering TRACK DOWN as part of the Milton Keynes International Festival


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