AllSaints, Joseph Cheaney & Sons and INV-ENT

AllSaints announced its collaboration with Joseph Cheaney & Sons on a limited edition footwear collection. With over 125 years experience in footwear manufacturing, each pair of AllSaints Joseph Cheaney & Sons shoes has been expertly handcrafted, undergoing over 160 separate processes and taking up to eight weeks from cut to finish.

Founded in 1886, Joseph Cheaney & Sons still produce their footwear on site in the same Northamptonshire factory since 1896. This range of traditional Goodyear welted shoes and boots has been designed using only the highest-grade Italian leather, offering unrivaled quality and durability.

AllSaints first opened its doors in 1994 and has become one of the UK’s and Europe’s fastest growing and most recognized fashion brands with strong store presence in fashion capitals such as London, Paris, New York and Berlin.

Joseph Cheaney & Sons, based in Desborough, also recently benefited from INV-ENT (Innovation & Enterprise) launched by Northamptonshire County Council in October 2011 aimed at providing business rate rebate to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and enabling those funds to be reinvested by the business to stimulate its development, innovation and growth and to create new jobs.

Joseph Cheaney & Sons will use the INV-ENT funding towards the purchase of new machinery and additional staff required to increase production capacity to meet growing demand for their 100% UK-made product.

More information about the INV-ENT fund can be found here:


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