JO COPE’S conceptual shoes embraces design technology, such as 3D foot last scanning, CAD (computer added design) and CNC machining and Tangential knife cutting not usually associated with the shoe industry. The process of making includes model making, technology and hand finishing, celebrating the cross over between craft, art and design used in all of her work. 

 3D CARD LASTING AND MODELS – to work out exact fit and initial shoe aesthetics.

VIRTUAL CAD MODELING– to perfect exact measurements of shoe and block and create information for the CNC machine.

TECHNOLOGY– Other technologies were tested during the process for material compatibility including Water Jet cutting.

PROTOTYPE MODELS– Small hand sanded models made out of the layers of built and compressed soling leather.

FINAL MAKING PROCESS– Milling out the leather blocks on the CNC machine, leather hand never been used with this technology before.

FINAL FINISHING including bonding and clamping parts, sanding, staining, waxing and buffing. 

FINAL SHOEBuilt up entirely of layer on layer of soling leather with no other materials. The top finishing layer is soling leather with a specialist baked colour coating.Final installation includes abstract boot tops inspired by the deconstructed parts of a shoe/boot in the process of its making.


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