Footfall – Cabinet of Curiosity


Oxford pattern pieces layout with maps of Northamptonshire.

Paper craft techniques will be used to tell the story of the Northamptonshire shoe industry from the Victorian to the present.   An illuminated cascading chandelier structure composed of multiple paper shoe sculptures will form the focal point of an indoor installation, relating to the craft and architecture of shoe making in Northamptonshire.
Each sculptural element of the chandelier will incorporate iconic shoe design through the use of the Oxford shoe and the geography associated with the shoe industry, with hand screenprinted maps of Northamptonshire the material from which the cut paper shoes are made.
The maps of Northamptonshire will evolve into maps of China showing the change in shoe production to that which is now located primarily in the East.
The soles of each paper shoe sculpture will incorporate a digitally cut map of Northamptonshire, connecting the shoes to the county. Use of this cut paper technique will cast a shadow, a footfall.

Original visualisation of paper installation before research had commenced.


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