SOLD by Jo Cope

Northampton Museum & Art Galley SHOE LOUNGE

Sept 18th – Oct 14th 2012, FREE ADMISSION

SOLD – a shoe and boot contemporary artwork that represents the hearts and souls of all those who devoted their lives to Northamptonshire’s shoe trade is to be unveiled for the first time at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery’s Shoe Lounge this September.

Conceptual fashion designer Jo Cope has created the boundary-pushing artwork, made up of layer upon layer of soling leather.  SOLD celebrates the traditional shoe making process and also captures Jo’s admiration for her grandmother who worked as a shoe healer for most of her life. 

During her research for the artwork, Jo Cope spent a number of days at Northamptonshire shoe factory Edward Green which has been making shoes since 1890.  Jo said: “I was excited to record each skilled hand and beautiful old machine technique by the many craftsmen.  It takes several weeks to make each pair; made to last a lifetime.  In the same way that a footprint in a landscape is evidence of someone’s past presence, I was particularly interested in capturing the life and mark of the individual worker on each pair of shoes.”

The SOLD conceptual shoe and boot exhibit will be showing in the Shoe Lounge from 18 September until 14 October.  Museum opening times are Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sunday 2pm to 5pm.  Admission is free.


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