Heritage Open Days

Last Saturday, Global Footprint celebrated Heritage Open Days at Burns Street Studios.

Visitors arrive for Heritage Open Day

Burns Street Studios was originally an Edward Green factory. Today its unusual U shape stretches Tardis-like behind the unassuming street front and is home to artists, dressmakers, a youth theatre and photographers amongst others.

Robert Jarvis installing his audio artwork in the ‘Enquiries Office’ (Nick Freeman’s studio.

Burns St is right in the heart of the Boot and Shoe Conservation area and helping us to explore the surrounding streets was Peter Perkins from Northamptonshire Industrial Archaeology Group and co-author of the guide to the Industrial Heritage of Northamptonshire of which we’ve all had a copy in our back pocket since Global Footprint started!

Archive footage screening from the lift shaft cinema

As well as the guided walks, there was the newly commissioned audio work from Robert Jarvis, prototypes for ‘Footfall’ by Cabinet of Curiosity displayed alongside work by Burns St residents in the Gallery, a PopUp cinema in the old lift space, Global Footprint workshops and a cafe in the yard.

Pop Up cafe in the Yard by Tamsyn Payne of the NAC.

If you missed the Heritage Open Day you can still have a snoop around Burns Street this month as they are taking part in Open Studios.


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