PRINTED by Steve Messam

A temporary artwork of 52 giant shoe prints stretching over 2km

Artist Steve Messam and a team of local volunteers began work last week on an ambitious series of giant shoe prints etched into the Northamptonshire landscape along the public footpath that connects the historic villages of Ecton, famous for its links to Benjamin Franklin, and Earls Barton, the home of Barker Shoes. 

The shoe prints measure roughly 15m x 3m and have been created using a combination of petrol brush cutters, manual lawnmowers, shears and rakes, and will gradually be worn away as the grass returns and the land is prepared for planting.

PRINTED aims to reconnect the county’s boot and shoe industry with its rural landscape and the raw materials it provided i.e. grassland for pasture, cattle for leather hides, oak trees and water to aid the tanning process.

It is anticipated that the artwork will be completed by mid-September.


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