Foot Steps from a cast of characters parade through Wellingborough town centre as part of countywide GLOBAL FOOTPRINT project.

Emanating from the town centre, Foot Steps depict stories of both historical events and characters in the town.  Locations of the street artworks can be found here.

Award-winning theatre company Stans Cafe are installing the footsteps over the course of the weekend using a mixture of indoor vinyl prints and hard wearing temporary paint. Foot Steps will be the fifteenth edition of their Steps Series, which began in 2008. Inspired by ‘teach yourself to dance’ floor mats, it uses footprints, handprints, text bubbles and other graphics to create instructions for ‘do it yourself’ performances for the public to puzzle out and participate in. Each new edition of the series tells a new story responding to its new location.  Stans Cafe recently installed Olympian Steps in Handsworth and Aston parks in Birmingham and Golden Steps on the streets of Camden, London.

James Yarker, Artistic Director for Stan’s Cafe said: “We are delighted to have been invited to make a version of our Steps Series for Wellingborough as part of GLOBAL FOOTPRINT. We ar excited about  translating elements of the town’s colourful history into an engaging street art installation. We hope that, when it’s finished, it will prove popular and that people of all ages will have fun exploring it and playing with it.”

Listen to James talking about Foot Steps here on BBC Radio Northampton iPlayer at 1:55.40


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