Dress Block by Jo Cope

Leicester-based De Montfort University fashion lecturer and conceptual fashion designer Jo Cope has collaborated with DMU fashion students to create a fashion/art film for the ‘Block Party’ Crafts Council touring exhibition on which is currently on display at The New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester.

Curated by visual artist Lucy Orta in partnership with the Crafts Council, Block Party reveals the contemporary applications and creative possibilities of pattern cutting.  The exhibition features work of 16 practitioners for whom pattern cutting forms the basis of their practice, yet whose output results not only in garments, but a variety of innovative forms. Works poetically reveal the tradition, history, and skills of the pattern cutter and tailor, in a variety of contemporary media.  

Jo’s new commission Dress Block  includes ‘a life size emerging body sculpture’ which uses traditional hand wood carving craft, to reference and fuse old millinery blocking techniques of forming fabric with and aspects of flat pattern cutting.

As part of the exhibition Jo selected the work of six students who she felt had the basis of a concept that could be developed into a video piece and which showed a new and inspired perspective on pattern cutting.  The students work will be displayed on a series of iPads alongside Jo Cope’s new conceptual fashion installation to complement the Block Party exhibition at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery.  Jo is also delivering a series of conceptual fashion workshops at the Museum. 

The exhibition is on until 2nd September 2012, admission is free.  For more information visit http://www.leicester.gov.uk/blockparty/  /  http://www.blockparty.org.uk/ 

Jo’s most recent work in Northamptonshire was a transforming leather and carbon fibre dress inspired by the aerodynamics of F1 cars, for Silverstone race track as part of the FORMULA FASHION project as part of the Legacy Tursy UK funded IGNITING AMBITION FESTIVAL 2011.


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