Visitors to the ICON in Daventry this week will have been treated to the first installment of artist Dominic Wilcox’s FIELD eco-artwork. 

Green laces reaching skyward from over 200 boots and shoes donated by local shoe manufacturers and charities and, in part, constructed by the Northamptonshire public, were arranged to create this striking art installation.

FIELD represents both the people of Northamptonshire, their lives and their connection with Northamptonshire’s unique industrial and manufacturing heritage, and the importance of this surviving industry to the future growth and cultural identity of the county.  It has been kick-started with sizeable contributions from local footwear designers, Jeffery West in Northampton and Grenson in Rushden and also not-for-profit organisation Planet Aid UK.

If you can’t get to the iCON this week don’t worry as FIELD will be popping up at several locations both indoor and outdoor around the county in coming months.  You can also get involved  by dropping your unwanted black or brown lace-ups off at Northampton or Kettering Manor Museums or joining in at one of the construction workshops which run alongside the various heritage events that GLOBAL FOOTPRINT are holding, keep checking the homepage for further updates or contact for more information.


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