Daventry’s Shoe Industry Recorded

We had a great day on Saturday with the people of Daventry. The Museum was full of talk about the boot and shoe trade in the town. We were able to capture 6 interviews with local people about their connections to the industry. Each provided a unique and fascinating perspective on this rich part of the town’s character. We heard about the streets filled with workers rushing back to work on hearing the Stead and Simpson bell ring out across the town; about sweets being passed around on a Friday and snowballs being thrown across the shop floor in winter. It was a real privilege to hear these stories and discover what a fond place the industry has in people’s hearts.

Just a few of the Daventry stories from the heritage workshop

We also had visitors to the Museum taking part in making Field which will be on show at the Icon from Monday. Everyone had a fun selecting a shoe and tweaking the wired laces create their own part of this work. There was lost of discussion about whose shoes they might have been, what they had seen and where they would go next.

Huge thanks to the volunteers at the Museum for all their support and hard work in making this such a successful and fun day.


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