Spare us your shoes.

Dominic Wilcox has been inviting the Northamptonshire public to donate their shoes for his installation, Field.


This box of beautiful Brogues has arrived from those genial chaps at Jeffrey West to start ‘Field’.

Dominic will be at Daventry Museum on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, helping our team of volunteers turn boots and shoes into a lush meadow that will tour around the county as part of Global Footprint.

Field will be on general display from Monday 6th August at the Icon in Daventry and this stunning building could not be a more fitting backdrop. A construct of environmental architecture and home to some of the Shire’s more aspirational and creative businesses, the Icon is the ideal surround for Dominic whose design-led art recalls the craftsmanship of manufacturing by remaking the readymade.

You can also take part by donating your black or brown lace-ups at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery or this week why not bring them down to Daventry Museum and actually have a go at creating the Field!


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